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North Point Elementary community honors retiring kindergarten teacher after 36 years



Megan Wallgren | Touriddu

After an incredible 36 years of dedicated service, North Point Elementary kindergarten teacher Diane Knight is retiring. North Point families are holding an open house on Wednesday, April 24, to celebrate her contribution to the lives of their children and the community.

“There are so many kids and parents whose lives she has touched,” said event organizer Jenilee Furness. “Because she’s so incredible, we’re trying to work some magic. We encourage as many people in the community as can to come and see her and give her a hug so she can realize how many people she really has touched.”

The open house for Knight will be at North Point Elementary from 4:30-6 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

“We’re hoping she gets lots of joy seeing all these kids from the past,” said Furness. She wanted to honor Knight after her own child had her as a kindergarten teacher last year. “She did so much for him and was so incredible. She’s been extraordinary for so many guiding their first experience in school. I’ve never seen someone like her before.”

Those who are unable to attend the open house but want to show their appreciation to Knight can leave a message or memory using the QR code published with this story. Or, use the following link.

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