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LHS teacher’s DoorDash antics go viral



Ryann Anderegg | Touriddu

Lehi High School's very own U.S. History and Government & Citizenship teacher, Joseph Hall, has turned mealtime into a unique educational experience by inviting his students to take the reins on his dining choices.

Through the popular food delivery app DoorDash, students select and order meals for their teacher, who then shares his candid reviews and reactions on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram with a combined nearly 2 million followers . This unconventional twist on classroom engagement has garnered attention for its humor and effectiveness in building rapport and fostering a sense of community among his students. 

“A lot of these ideas I do for social media come out of nowhere, really. It's just a thought I had once that it could be fun. I had done suggestions from students before about what to make and eat for lunch, so this was just another step with that,” said Hall.

For Hall, incorporating this activity into his curriculum goes beyond sharing a meal. He recognizes its role in fostering connections with his students.

“These videos have been so much fun for classroom culture and forming those classroom connections with my students. I have had a lot of fun conversations with students who may be quiet or reserved but then say they saw me on TikTok and loved my video,” he said.

Reflecting on the benefits for his students, Hall noted their enthusiastic participation and the enjoyment they get from the experience. Filming these videos has also created many fun and memorable moments for Hall and his students.

“My students have just as much fun with these as I do. They'll compete with their friends about who can get a higher ‘grade' on their orders,” said Hall. “I'm kind of a messy person, so I have had a lot of lunch accidents while doing these videos, like having to use scissors to open a glass Coke bottle, and the soda exploded all over me. I've also had students order me meals they know I won't like. I've gotten really spicy wings, and they add onions all the time because they know I don't like them. It's their way to get back at me.”


This unconventional approach to classroom engagement has transcended the school walls, leaving a lasting impact on Hall's regular life. He has accumulated nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, but he still emphasizes the positive connections he's made with followers worldwide.

“I get recognized a lot in public, which is still so interesting to me. To me, I'm truly just a high school teacher, but I truly appreciate the people who follow and enjoy my videos,” said Hall. “I get lots of messages from people saying they love watching my videos and look forward to them. It's interesting to be recognized as I travel now.”

Receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both parents and colleagues, Hall encourages fellow educators to embrace authenticity and fun in their teaching methods.

“Make things you like and do it to connect better with your students,” he advised. “For now, my students love these videos, and so do my followers, so we will keep the ball rolling on these.”

In an age where traditional teaching methods are being redefined, Mr. Joseph Hall is a testament to the power of creativity and connection in the classroom. Through his DoorDash adventures, he has fed his students' appetites, curiosity, and sense of belonging.

You can follow along with Hall’s DoorDash reviews and other videos on TikTok or Instagram @bettercallhall.

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