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JUST IN: Alpine School District cancels meeting to issue $175 million lease revenue bond



The Alpine School District (ASD) garnered public attention with its recent announcement of plans to issue a lease revenue bond of up to $175 million. The district was planning to use the proposed bond to fund the construction of a new Saratoga Springs High School.

On Friday, ASD released the following statement:

“After reviewing multiple options and possible funding sources required to build a new high school, the Alpine School District Board of Education has determined that taking action on a lease revenue bond is not necessary at this time. Consequently, the public hearing scheduled for March 19, 2024 has been canceled. The district's capital needs remain, and the school board will continue to study available funding options to meet these needs, including a possible lease revenue bond.”

Also on Friday, ASD Board member Julie King made the following statement on social media, “I am only speaking for myself and not the board. I fully supported moving ahead with the lease revenue bond on Tuesday. I consider the high school to be a critical capital need. I know my schools. I know the enrollment projections. Board majority was not supportive of that timeframe. The meeting was cancelled.”

The disagreement between board members reflects the discord currently being experienced by the east and west sides of the district. The challenges of the growing populations in the west and the declining student enrollments in the east is at the forefront of the education community.