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UDOT changing stoplight timing on 2100 N, Pioneer Crossing and Redwood Rd during morning commute



Lehi, UT | March 8, 2024 - Utah Department of Transportation

Why is there so much traffic?

Rapid growth in northwestern Utah County has had a significant impact on traffic congestion. In the last three years, Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and Eagle Mountain have averaged a 12-15% increase in population annually. That is roughly 60,000+ new residents over the last three years, which in turn, contributes to traffic congestion on major roads such as 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing, and Redwood Road. Currently, these roads are at or above their current capacity.

In response to the challenge, UDOT is exploring a range of immediate and long-term solutions, including adding more green time to the traffic signals along 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing, and Redwood Road during AM and PM commutes.

Interim Step: Signal Timing Adjustments

Traffic signal timing adjustments are a technological tool UDOT uses as an interim step while long-term mobility improvements are planned for the area.

Completed: PM Rush Hour Signal Timing Adjustments

UDOT recently made PM rush hour traffic signal timing adjustments on 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing, and Redwood Road that resulted in:

  • 2100 North – moving more cars for an improved westbound and eastbound commute.
  • Pioneer Crossing – moving more cars for an improved westbound commute and equal eastbound commute.
  • Redwood Road – moving more cars between 2100 North and Pioneer Crossing for an improved northbound commute and equal southbound commute.

Overall, the PM rush hour signal timing adjustments reduced the total travel times by over 700 hours per day! Click here to review a detailed summary of the PM signal timing adjustment results.

Upcoming: AM Rush Hour Signal Timing Adjustments

UDOT plans to make AM rush hour traffic signal timing adjustments starting March 12, 2024 and anticipates similar improvements for 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing, and Redwood Road. Implementation takes about a week per road. Singal engineers plan to start at 2100 North the first week, Pioneer Crossing the second week, and Redwood Road the third week.


UDOT’s goal is to improve the overall travel system experience. However, travelers need to be aware that signal timing adjustments are a series of trade-offs. More green time on the main routes means drivers on side streets may experience longer wait times. Where possible, drivers should adjust their commute routes to incorporate these major routes as an alternative to their typical commutes.

These signal timing adjustments are a work in progress. Traffic engineers from UDOT and Lehi will be onsite to monitor traffic in real-time when making any signal timing adjustments. UDOT plans to continually monitor these adjustments after implementation to keep Utah moving.


While UDOT is responsible for traffic signals on state roads, we collaborate and work closely with our city and county partners. In this area, we collaborated with Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and American Fork to reevaluate the strategies used in the current traffic signal timing plans. With their input, UDOT created new signal timing plans aimed at alleviating traffic congestion.


With traffic volumes so high and rising, signal retiming alone will not be a cure-all for rush hour traffic woes, but we expect it will have a meaningful positive impact.

Near & Long-Term Solutions

While we may never build ourselves out of congestion, UDOT and area transportation planning agencies have been working together to keep Utah County moving into the future.

Signal timing adjustments are just one example of how UDOT and the local communities are taking action to improve mobility on our roads. The list below identifies a few long-term travel solutions that are nearing construction or currently being studied in northwestern Utah County.

  • Mountain View Corridor (2024 and 2025 Construction): UDOT will construct the freeway portion of Mountain View Corridor from 2100 North to Porter Rockwell with a bridge at 2100 North and Redwood Road. This road will provide an alternative north-south route to I-15 and is expected to reduce travel demand along 2100 North and on I-15 over Point of the Mountain.
  • 2300 West Widening (2024 Construction): Lehi City will widen 2300 West to five lanes from 2150 North to Lehi Main Street. It will also install intersection improvements at the 2100 North and 2300 West intersections. This widening is expected to help with north-south mobility.
  • 2100 North Freeway Conversion (2026 Construction): UDOT will add the freeway lanes in the middle of the existing 2100 North frontage roads. Bridges will be constructed to provide interchanges at 3600 West and 2300 West. This important step will significantly improve east-west mobility.
  • SR-92 Environmental Study (ongoing): UDOT is evaluating the need for an SR-92 western extension from Ashton Boulevard to Redwood Road across the Jordan River.
  • Mountain View Corridor South Environmental Study (ongoing): UDOT is evaluating the need to extend Mountain View Corridor from SR-73 (Cory Wride Highway) to Redwood Road at the south end of Saratoga Springs.
  • Pioneer Crossing Planning (ongoing): UDOT is evaluating long term improvements along Pioneer Crossing from I-15 to the Cory Wride Highway at the Mountain View Corridor.

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