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3 IT-Related Jobs for Utah's Tech Graduates



In recent years, the State of Utah has built a solid reputation for its thriving tech sector. Companies such as Qualtrics, Pluralsight, Vivint, Domo, Overstock, and Instructure have made Utah their base of operations, boosting the reputation of the state for its tech-related operations. It is now estimated that 1 in 7 jobs in Utah are in the tech sector, and the wider tech industry accounts for $30 billion in gross domestic product (GDP). Put simply, Utah has taken significant steps to build a booming tech sector and is now widely recognized in this field of industry.

Utah's students are also likely to study IT and tech-related subjects at college or university, preparing them for rewarding and lucrative career opportunities in the state. If you have recently graduated from higher education in an IT-related subject and are planning the start of your career, this article will be of assistance. Three key IT-related professions that are suitable for graduates in the field will be explored.

  1. Cyber security specialist

There is an intense and ongoing demand for graduates who have studied cybersecurity. Every day, there are estimated to be 2,244 cyberattacks launched around the world. These can range from simple acts of phishing to more sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks that seek to overload servers and prevent websites from functioning.

Cyber security specialists function as defenders of company IT infrastructure by creating secure online services and monitoring traffic to their cloud-based applications. A cyber security specialist may also take an active role in educating the wider workforce about IT security and the risks of cybercrime. If you have gained a bachelor's degree in cyber security and have advanced coding skills, you may be able to get a junior position working in this part of IT security. The average salary of a cyber security specialist is approximately $92K, making it extremely rewarding financially.

  1. Systems administrator

Many of the growing number of Utah-based tech firms will require systems administrators to manage their IT systems. The role is varied but may involve installing and maintaining an API gateway, for example. API gateways allow effective communication between online applications and other microservices. They are a vital part of modern IT architecture and can play a key role in securing cloud-based applications. This is just one role that a systems administrator may undertake. Additionally, they may install and monitor software, hardware, and networks while ensuring that all IT infrastructure functions smoothly. Put simply, this role is vital in any firm that has complex IT architecture as the systems administrator oversees its ongoing effectiveness.

  1. IT service desk assistant

Finally, if you are looking to use your IT qualifications to help others and resolve IT-related issues, the role of IT service desk assistant could be ideal. Typically, you will be responsible for dealing with telephone and email inquiries from members of the workforce who have encountered IT issues. A pleasant phone manner is essential, along with the ability to explain complex IT topics to a non-expert audience. This role is ideal for someone who wishes to start their career at an entry-level position in IT. The typical salary for an IT service desk assistant is approximately $58K per year.

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