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Senator Balderree off to a productive start



Utah’s newest State Senator Heidi Balderree is off to a fast start representing Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain and Draper. Balderree is two weeks into her first legislative session after winning the Senate District 22 special election late last year following Senator Jake Anderegg's midterm resignation.

“The first two weeks have been amazing. I’m so pleased with all that I've been able to accomplish, and I love serving the district in this capacity,” said Balderree.

Balderree serves on several committees including:

Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Senate Health and Human Services Confirmation Committee

Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee

Senate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Confirmation Committee

Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee


“As chair of the Social Services Appropriations Committee, the base budget bill for that committee passed this week, ensuring government agencies in that arena will continue to function,” said Balderree.

In the first two weeks, the Senator has sponsored several bills including Local Government Business License Amendments (SB47), Local Referenda Amendments (SB100), Military Tax Credit (SB103) and Military Occupational Licensing Renewal Amendments (SB143).

SB47 would expand a prohibition against a county or municipality requiring a license or permit for an occasionally operated business to apply to an individual who is 18 years old or older and enrolled in a traditional high school. The bill has made its way successfully through the Senate and will soon be heading to the House.

“It encourages our kids to be entrepreneurs,” added Balderree.

SB100 is another one of Balderree's bills that has passed through committee and will be heard by the Senate soon. The bill would extend the amount of time citizens have to collect signatures to place a referendum on the ballot against a city or county revenue bond paid solely by excise tax. If passed, it would give voters 45 days instead of the current 30 days to gather the required amount of signatures to place the tax on the ballot.

“We want to respect the representative process and not make referendums frequent or too easy, but they should be fair and not impossible,” said Balderree.

“The best way for constituents to get a hold of me is to either email me at [email protected] or call or text at (385) 910-3237. Be sure to note your address, as all constituent communications are prioritized,” concluded Balderree.

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*The writer is a voter in District 22

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