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Candidate filing ends with several competitive races for Lehi voters



The declaration of candidacy period is over statewide. The filing opened on January 2 and closed today, January 8. Lehi voters will have a large ballot this year, but political parties will narrow down their respective fields first before the Primary in June which will cut down the field once more. 

Here is a review of the field:

Alpine School District Seat 3

1. Scott Carlson

2. Brian Bird

3. Stacy Bateman (Incumbent)

Utah County Assessor


1. Burt Garfield (R) (Incumbent)

2. Keven Ewell (R)

Utah County Commissioner Seat C

1. Alan Wessman (UU)

2. Andrew Jackson (R)

3. Diane Garcia (R)

4. Jay Ugarte (R)

5. Skyler Beltran (R)


6. Tom Westmoreland (R)

Utah County Recorder

1. Andrea Allen (R) (Incumbent)

2. Garrett Mast (R)

Utah County Treasurer

1. Kim Jackson (R) (Incumbent)

Utah County Surveyor

1. Anthony Canto (R) (Incumbent)


Utah State Senator District 22

1. Emily Lockhart (R)

2. Garrett Cammans (R)

3. Heidi Balderree (R) (Incumbent)

Utah State House District 52

1. Keller Michale (D)

2. Cory Maloy (R) (Incumbent)

Utah State House District 53


1. Alex Day (UU)

2. Kay Christofferson (R) (Incumbent)

Utah State House District 54

1. Brady Brammer (R) (Incumbent)

Utah Governor

1. Carson Jorgenson (R)

2. Brian King (D)

3. Tom Tomeny (U)


4. Spencer Cox (R) (Incumbent)

5. Robert Latham (L)

6. Scott Robbins (R)

7. Phil Lyman (R)

Utah Attorney General

1. Rachel Terry (R)

2. Trent Christensen (R)

3. Frank Mylar (R)


4. Rudy Bautista (D)

5. Michelle Quist (UU)

6. Andrew McCullough (L)

7. David Carlson (D)

8. Derek Brown (R)

Utah Auditor

1. Catherine Voutaz (D)

2. Tina Cannon (R)


3. Ricky Hatch (R)

Utah Treasurer

1. Neil Hansen (D)

2. Marlo Oaks (R) (Incumbent)

U.S. Congress District 3

1. John Dougall (R)

2. Case Lawrence (R)

3. Glenn Wright (D)


4. JR Bird (R)

5. Dahlin Kathryn (R)

6. Mike Kennedy (R)

7. Clayton Hunsaker (R)

8. Stewart Peay (R)

9. Chris Herrod (R)

U.S. Congress District 4

1. Jonathan Lopez (D)


2. Katrina Fallick-Wang (D)

3. Burgess Owens (R) (Incumbent)

U.S. Senate

1. John Curtis (R)

2. Brent Hatch (R)

3. Carolyn Phippen (R)

4. Clark White (R)

5. Caroline Gleich (D)


6. Archie Williams III (D)

7. Brad Wilson (R)

8. Robert Newcomb (IA)

9. Trent Staggs (R)

10. Carlton Bowen (IA)

11. Josh Randall (R)

12. Chandler Tanner (R)

Election Dates To Note


March 5: All Party Caucuses & Republican Presidential Preference

June 25: Primary Election

November 5: General Election