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Most Valuable Player

Cala Cooper (Sr. Skyridge): “She was the difference in every match this year,” said Coach Silver Fonua. “She made timely kills and was by far our best one-on-one blocker. Her constant communication to teammates, from strategic instruction given, encouragement to her teammates when the team was struggling or a high-five, demonstrated maturity and leadership. This was one of the major keys to our success.” Right side and middlehitter contributed 227 kills (42%), 58 combined blocks and 39digs.

Most Inspirational Player

Mary Nahinu (Jr. Skyridge): Spirited libero served 32 aces (154 points), made 270 digs (9.0 d/m), provided 67 assists and tallied 397 serve-receives (13.2 r/m). “She is the charger for our team,” said Coach Silver Fonua. “When the team's energy is low, Mary recharges us. You can hear her every play as she is reading the opposing team's next move. Her willingness to chase every ball down inspires the team to do the same and sacrifice everything for the team. The energy you see in the game matches what she shows in every practice we have. She pushes us and will even pull us when we need it.”


Isabella Loftin (Jr. Lehi): Had 289 kills (33%), 62 aces (183 points), 231 digs (8.0 d/m), 518 serve-receptions (17.9 r/m), 20 blocks.


Kylie Buttars (So. Skyridge): Had 266 kills (41%), 44 aces(202 points), 180 digs (6.0 d/m), 323 serve-receptions (10.8 r/m), 27 blocks.

Middle Blocker

Elle McCandless (Sr. Skyridge): Had 108 kills (44%), 35 aces (164 points), 91 combined blocks (3.0 b/m), 58 digs.

Isabella Freeman (Sr. Skyridge): Had 94 kills (40%), 94 combined blocks (3.1 b/m), 16 digs.


Myka Christensen (Sr. Skyridge): Had 515 assists (5.9 p/s), 53aces (218 points), 132 digs (4.4 d/m), 18 kills.

Alexis Atkin (Sr. Lehi): Had 551 assists (5.3 p/s), 26 aces (146points), 179 digs (6.4 d/m), 20 kills.

Defensive Specialist


Kodi Brems (Sr. Lehi): Had 40 aces (223 points), 95% serving, 434 digs (15.0 d/m), 54 assists, 466 serve-receptions (16.1 r/m).

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