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8 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Utah



Are you considering a move to the beautiful state of Utah? From the stunning landscapes and world-class ski resorts, to the bustling cities and thriving economy, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to call Utah home. However, before leaping, it's essential to do your research and plan your move wisely.

You should know eight crucial things before moving to Utah to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

1. The Cost of Living

One of the most significant considerations when moving to Utah is the cost of living. In Utah, the cost of living is slightly lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to live.

However, this can vary depending on the city or town you choose to reside in. Be sure to research housing prices, taxes, and other expenses to determine if Utah fits your budget well.

Property taxes are comparatively lower than in other states, which can help offset these costs. Additionally, utility costs such as electricity, gas, and water are reasonably priced, contributing to the lower cost of living.

However, remember that transportation and healthcare costs are relatively on par with the national average. Therefore, budgeting for these expenses is essential when considering your move to Utah.

2. The Job Market

Utah's economy is thriving, with a low unemployment rate and a high job growth rate. This makes it an attractive destination for those seeking employment opportunities. The state's primary industries include healthcare, technology, tourism, and government services.


The Salt Lake City metropolitan area has the highest job opportunities, followed by Provo-Orem and Ogden-Clearfield. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, plenty of job opportunities await you in Utah.

Additionally, moving to Utah offers a welcoming environment and a supportive community for entrepreneurs with low business taxes. If you dream of starting your own business, Utah may be the perfect place.

3. Outdoor Recreation

Moving to Utah is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise, offering endless opportunities for hiking, skiing, camping, and other outdoor activities. With five national parks, 43 state parks, and numerous ski resorts, Utah always has something to explore.

The state is also known for its beautiful landscapes, including iconic spots like Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or simply enjoy spending time in nature, Utah has plenty to offer.

Utah relocation guide includes knowing hidden gems like serene lakes, rugged mountain trails, and winding rivers. The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and Dead Horse Point State Park offer unparalleled beauty and solitude. For water sports enthusiasts, the Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell provide excellent opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water activities.

4. Family-Friendly Environment

The state also has a strong sense of community, with frequent community events and festivals to unite people. Additionally, childcare costs are relatively low compared to other states. It makes it easier for families to balance work and family life.

Utah's family-friendly environment extends beyond safety and affordability. The state has many educational resources. It has top-notch public and private schools, museums, and cultural centers.

Many of Utah's cities and towns have highly-rated school districts that strongly emphasize STEM education. This prepares children for a rapidly evolving digital world.


Moreover, Utah hosts many family-oriented events and festivals throughout the year that cater to the interests of all age groups. From arts and crafts fairs to music festivals to engaging science exhibits, families will never run out of things to know Utah.

5. Housing Options

Moving to Utah has various housing options, from single-family homes and townhouses to apartments and condos. If you prefer city living, many Utah homes have modern apartment complexes and high-rise buildings.

If you're looking for a quieter lifestyle, suburban neighborhoods offer more spacious homes. Some include larger yards.

It's also worth considering the proximity to public transportation when choosing a place to live. Research different neighborhoods and assess your priorities. This will help you find the perfect housing option for your lifestyle.

6. Religious and Cultural Diversity

Utah is known for its predominant religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with most of the population being Mormon. However, the state is also home to people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. This makes it a welcoming and inclusive community.

Utah's unique blend of cultures adds to its vibrant arts and cultural scene. It has various festivals and events celebrating different traditions throughout the year.

The Sundance Film Festival and the Utah Arts Festival are just some of the many annual events. This showcases the state's diverse cultural landscape.

7. The Weather

When moving to Utah, one of the relocating advice is to know all four seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. However, the climate can vary greatly depending on where you live in the state. Northern Utah generally tends to have colder winters and more snowfall, while southern Utah is warmer and drier.


Be prepared for extreme temperatures during both summer and winter. It ranges from below freezing-to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's always a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. This is especially true if you plan to participate in outdoor activities.

8. State Laws and Policies

Each state has laws and policies that may differ from where you currently reside. It's essential to familiarize yourself with Utah's laws and regulations.

Utah has strict liquor laws and a lower legal blood alcohol limit for driving compared to other states. Additionally, the use of recreational marijuana is illegal in Utah. Be sure to research and understand these types of laws before making the move.

Moreover, the state has several initiatives promoting clean air and environmental sustainability. These include regulations on emissions and energy efficiency requirements for buildings.

Considering Things Before Moving to Utah

Utah offers a unique blend of natural beauty, economic opportunities, and cultural diversity. There are countless reasons to consider moving to Utah. However, like any significant life decision, it's crucial to research and make an informed decision.

Every person's experience is different. What works for one person may not work for another. Considering these eight factors, you can take the first step towards planning a smooth and successful transition to your new home in Utah.

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