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City Council buys another Main Street property; will demolish for new City Hall



During the most recent city council meeting, the Lehi City Council finalized the purchase agreement on a Main Street home. The property address is 51 E Main Street, and currently home to Slope House Mercantile. The proprietors of the business anticipate remaining in business until their current lease expires in 2025. The City plans to demolish the home to add space to help accommodate the planned new City Hall.

The City acquired the property from Gary and Elsa Borrell for $600,000 or the appraised value, whichever is higher when the real estate purchase is executed in 2025. The City owns the neighboring home to the east at 69 E Main Street and has also tried to acquire the Dance Academy building to the west (Trane family property) but has not succeeded. 

The City has purchased the Main Street properties to tear down and make way for the new $22 million City Hall complex, which will be built over the next several years. 

“Owning this property and the other one will allow us to put in some type of promenade or walkway from Main Street coming back into City Hall. We will be able to do some really nice things in that area,” said Lehi City Economic Development Director Marlin Eldred when presenting the brokered deal to the Council.

The City Council unanimously approved the purchase.