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Lehi residents spend over 23% more than the national average on monthly bills



Doxo recently released a report about the U.S. Cable & Internet Market Size and Household Spending Report 2023. The research firm reported only a 1.7% increase in the average bill from last year. The report found that 82% of U.S. households with a Cable & Internet bill spend an average of $1,161 annually.

Specifically for Lehi, doxo's data shows that:

• Per year, the average household spends $861 on cable & internet, 26% lower than the U.S. yearly average of $1,161.

• Per month, the average household spends $101 on Cable & Internet bills, 14% lower than the U.S. monthly average of $118.

• The average amount spent on Cable and Internet in Utah is $102.

• 71% of households in Lehi pay for cable & internet monthly.

• Lehi residents spend $2,518 a month, or $30,219 a year, on the ten most essential household bills, which is 23.1% higher than the national average of $2,046.

In addition to the above report, doxo has bill payment info for Lehi (+ 37 towns and cities in Utah that looks at the total amount spent on monthly bills for each billing category. See more below. Average Cost of Monthly Bills in Lehi: $2,518/month


Average Monthly Payment in Lehi

Mortgage: $1,557

Rent: $1,564

Auto Loans: $514

Utilities: $389

Health Insurance: $131

Auto Insurance: $179

Cable & Internet: $101


Mobile Phone: $171

Alarm & Security: $58

Life Insurance: $74

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