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Ice rink in Lehi? City Council says yes



The Lehi City Council unanimously approved a new park amenity during Tuesday's meeting. The City announced a contract with Ice-America, a California manufacturer of portable ice-skating rinks. The small new rink will be open for the winter this year from Black Friday (Friday, November 24) to February 1, and its operation is not dependent on cold weather.

The temporary winter rink will be located at the Sports Park (2000 W. 700 S.), and the plan is to set it up between the playground and the snack shack. The rink will be located on the cement to help keep the baseball fields in good condition for the spring. The park also has power and storage facilities, which was a determining factor in the ice rink’s chosen location.

“This is a way to utilize our parks when the [summer] season is over and make something fun,” said Parks Director Steve Marchbanks about the ice rink idea and collaborative effort between the Parks Department, Recreation Department and Special Events Department. 

The new park amenity comes with a price tag of $244,300 but will be offset by patron’s fees. Visitors will also be able to rent skates. The city will also provide bleachers and lighting. Concessions may be available, but the decision is still being discussed. 

The facility will always be staffed with City employees.

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