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Owner of Lehi Farmers Market issued 15 citations for zoning and nuisance violations



UTAH COUNTY (May 22): Around mid-April investigators with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office issued citations for zoning related violations to Dorothy Durrant. 

These violations occurred on the property where she lives near Lehi and were related to concerns about the Lehi Farmers Market being operated by her on her property. Durrant was cited for failing to comply with zoning regulations and for maintaining a nuisance.  She was told at that time that before operating her Farmers Market she needs to have proper permits for the event and occupancy permits for the barn used to house the Farmers Market.  She was also told that a number of RV trailers being lived in on her property needed to be removed. 

While Durrant has made some progress with the RV’s leaving, she had not made effort to remove the others either by asking them to leave or initiating eviction proceedings.  Utah County Planning and Development Officials also confirmed that Durrant has not applied for nor obtained proper permits to operate her Farmers Market.  Despite this, Durrant has continued to operate that Market.

On May 9 the Detective in this case met with Durrant again and determined she had not come into compliance with most of the issues he discussed with her a month earlier. Durrant was given a citation for 15 different violations as follows:

-Camping on property longer than 45 days, 2 counts

-Using unpermitted barn for farmers market or similar events, 8 counts

-Maintaining a nuisance/fail to remove trash, 5 counts


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