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ASD Survey shows support for $595 million bond



Alpine School District (ASD) has been working through the bond process for the last several months with the assistance of Y2 Analytics consulting. The district began with a small focus group earlier in the year that showed positive results for sending a bond to voters in 2022.

On Tuesday, June 21, the district board of education met again to hear the results of a more extensive survey conducted between May 15-31 by the same firm. The survey included responses from 1,637 likely voters with a 2.4% margin of error. The study also had at least 150 respondents from each high school cluster in the district.

Surveyed voters had an initially positive perception of the potential $595 million bond, with 61% saying they would “definitely or probably” vote in favor if presented with the option in November.

Lehi voters led all areas with a 72% favorability, while American Fork and Pleasant Grove voters were the least likely to support the suggested bond.

The three most significant voter concerns included continued growth throughout the district, class sizes and attracting and retaining quality teachers.

Respondents also expressed a favorable view of ASD’s quality of education, with a 68% approval rating, while approval of district facilities came in at 76%.

While 61% of voters said the district needed additional funds, 46% said they think ASD will use the funds responsibly.


After sharing the initial numbers, Kyrene Gibbs, a Y2 Analytics representative, presented board members with the survey results after respondents were given messaging around the potential bond.

The percentage of people who would “definitely or probably”vote in favor of the bond increased to 70% after they were provided messages with past bond project history, the present needs for the district and that the potential bond would be a net neutral for the current tax rate.

With the district set to pay off a previous bond, the new bond would take its place, resulting in no tax rate increase. Although the rate wouldn’t increase, the tax amount for property owners would increase by $87 annually on an average Utah County home value.

“We would like to make a strong recommendation to proceed with a $595 million bond. We get a strong sense that there is a high confidence level to support one,” said ASD District communications director Kimberly Bird.

The Alpine School District Board of Education will continue to discuss the potential bond over the next few months. The district will be presenting possible bond projects at the July meeting, and then a decision on whether to send the bond to the voters will be voted on at the August meeting.

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