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The Grinch, a Lehi High School dance tradition



Marissa Mallory | Touriddu

​Every Christmas season, Lehi High School’s dance teams of all levels and abilities come together to perform the almost 20-year-old tradition-“The Grinch.” The annual production tells the classic Dr. Suess story How the Grinch Stole Christmas with music, dancing, and acting.

While some of the choreography has been kept from the first Grinch production, students are given freedom to come up with their own choreography for some of the dances, making every year unique. This year performances will be held December 16and 17 at 7:00 pm in the Lehi High School auditorium.

“One of the things that I love about it the most is how much my students look forward to doing it. It makes me so happy because it is something that I created that is at least 15, maybe even 20 years old and the current students are just as excited. Some of them who have been with me for three years tell me that’s what they look forward to because it’s a tradition,” said Lehi Dance teacher Cheryl Allgaier.

The Grinch is full of festive music and dancing, but also portrays a great message, “Christmas doesn’t come from the store, Christmas means a little bit more.” Every year at the end of the show, all current and alumni Lehi Dance members are invited to perform one final routine on stage, wrapping up theperformance.

Lehi High School Dance Company member, Hailey Henderson said, “It’s been such a fun experience to be a part of a Christmas tradition that’s different every year and it’s great working with all of the dance teams on it too.”

Invite the Christmas spirit into your holiday season and see this amazing production. Tickets may be purchased at

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