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Lehi-based Gabb Wireless introduces the new Gabb Watch Lite



Lehi, Utah - On November 17, Gabb Wireless, aLehi-based company leading the charge in providing safe tech for kids, launched the Gabb Watch Lite, a simplified smartwatch with active GPS tracking and customizable safe zones to keep even the youngest kids safe and provide parents with peace of mind.

This rollout of this smartwatch for kids continues to build on Gabb Wireless’s philosophy of “tech-in-steps.” The Gabb Watch Lite is seen as the first step in kid safe tech with the Gabb Watch being step two and the Gabb Phone Z2 as step three and four depending on the level of service parents choose. This step-by-step approach allows parents to introduce new tech to kids at the right time. Gabb Watch Lite is best for preschool to early elementary school kids.

Gabb’s expansion of its product line now offers tech solutions at an earlier stage, providing the new entry-point device and service that ensures kids are introduced to technology safely from the start. The Gabb Watch Lite is a fundamental tool for every parent to stay connected with their kids and provides a sense of protection wherever they go. Built to last at an affordable price point, the Gabb Watch Lite includes the following essential safety features:• Reliable GPS tracking - Parents can immediately pinpoint the location of their children 24/7/365• Customizable safe zones - Parents can be notified if their child enters or exits pre-defined safe zones• Gabb Moji - Kids can convey simple messages to parents through a list of five emojis. Parents and kids can assign their own agreed upon meaning to each provided icon.• SOS/emergency contact - Kids can easily alert a parent in emergency situations with the press of a button.• Step counter - Around-the-clock live step-counting, wherever kids go• Digital clock - Tool for time management•

“The Watch Lite extends Gabb’s product lineup to account for even younger kids and is the perfect first-step technology device,” said Gabb CEO Nate Randle. “We’re excited to continue expanding our offerings in ways that will protect kids while keeping them connected to their parents.”

As part of the Gabb Watch Lite launch, Gabb Wireless is unveiling a new feature called Gabb Moji - a simple way for young kids to communicate with their parents through emojis on their Gabb devices. The Gabb Moji can be used to convey common messages such as “I’m on my way,” “Come pick me up,” and “I’ve arrived” through a digital icon.

“We are introducing Gabb Mojis because the ability to easily communicate is essential, especially for kids who are too young to type or use voice dictation,” said Gabb Managing Director of Wearables, Colin Cole. “The safe and simple communication features make this a must have product for younger kids.”

About Gabb’s “Tech-in-Steps”


Gabb provides devices that teach kids how to grow “in steps” with the appropriate amount of technology. With the proper devices and service levels teaching them healthy habits, kids can enjoy the freedom and safety of life beyond the screen while staying connected to friends and family. Gabb is fully committed to helping kids use the right amount of tech at the right time, including easing into the responsibilities that tech requires.

About Gabb Wireless

Founded in 2018, Gabb Wireless is a rapidly growing cellular network company that provides safe technology for kids. Gabb’s products and services are the only safe offerings in the phones-for-kids niche, filling a clear gap in the market by targeting an underserved demographic. With a mission to solve the growing screen-time addiction among adolescents, Gabb creates the safest technology for kids. For each step of kids' growth, Gabb offers products that keep families connected, give kids freedom and provide parents peace of mind. Learn more at

Pricing and Availability

Pre-orders for the Gabb Watch Lite have begun. The devise has a price of $79.99. The monthly service plans start as low as $6.99.

Gabb is currently running a 50% off promotion, including the Gabb Watch Lite. Consumers can purchase the Gabb Watch Lite today for $39.99 with promo code HOLIDAY. The estimated shipping date for this product is Dec. 1st - Dec. 8th, it will arrive just in time for Christmas.

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