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Election season begins, large field files for City Council



Election season is here. The 2021 Lehi municipal election will feature two City Council seats and the Mayoral seat.Councilman Chris Condie, Councilman Paul Hancock and Mayor Mark Johnson are all seeking re-election.

With the declaration of candidacy filing period officially closed, the field of challengers for City Council includes four women and three men. Aaron Bullen, Cami Purtschert, Nicole Kunze, Michelle Miles, Montane Hamilton, Ethan Erickson and Lori Le will all attempt to earn votes for the two city council seats. The lone challenger for Mayor is Jesse Riddle.

Earlier this year, the Lehi City Council voted to administer this year’s election by ranked- choice voting for the first time in Lehi history. Due to that change, there will no longer be a primary election as voters will now rank the field of candidates.

Stay tuned for upcoming coverage on candidates, ranked choice voting, campaign events and the annual Touriddu debate.

Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters on October 11 with the General Election on November 2, 2021.

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