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City Council unanimously approves Ivory Homes proposed project on Jonsson Mink Farm



Council gives Ivory Homes additional density in Ivory Ridge and Holbrook Farms

The Lehi City Council met on Tuesday, December 12 to tackle a 31-item agenda that created a very late night for City officials and meeting attendees. All Council members were in attendance, including Councilman Johnny Revill, who was participating in the final meeting of his 16-year service.

The most notable agenda item with over two hours of deliberation was the Ivory Homes proposal to purchase the Jonsson Mink Farm on 700 South in Lehi. The Jonsson family purchased the mink farm in 1977 and have operated the business ever since. With the rapid home construction surrounding the mink farm, controversy has been constant. Neighbors in recent years have complained about the smell, flies, and lighting restrictions to not only the Jonsson Family but also to the City. After over 40 years, Jonssons felt it was time to move on.

“This is a project that is a long time coming as we’ve been working on this for over two years,” said Brad Mackay, Senior Project Manager for Ivory Homes. Mackay presented the proposal to the Council which included adding density to other Ivory projects to make the Jonsson Farm purchase work for their Company financially. Ivory’s request included 59 townhomes on the current Jonsson Mink Farm, an additional 56 townhomes in the Ivory Ridge community and a varying 250 added units in Holbrook Farms in west Lehi.

The City has been heavily involved in negotiations between the Jonssons and Ivory Homes due to public interest in removing the mink farm, widening 700 South, and the desire to use lights in the evening at the park across the street. “There has been some misinformation and I would like to clarify. Turning on the lights was not the primary driving factor, it was what’s happening on 7th South and what needs to happen on the infrastructure down there,” said Mayor Johnson who was refuting public remarks from last week's Planning Commission meeting. Johnson also addressed public comments around school crowding by inviting Alpine School District Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Shane Farnsworth to speak regarding enrollment for the district. “We have found that medium and high-density housing has less of an impact on the number of school-aged children than single-family homes,” said Farnsworth who referenced District data showing high-density housing averages one student for every five housing units, where single-family homes average just over one student for every housing unit. Farnsworth concluded his comments, “We don’t see a negative impact on our schools from high density.”

Some of the more than ten residents who spoke in opposition to the proposal voiced concerns about traffic and amenities. Mackay’s rebuttal regarding traffic concerns included a study that showed the Ivory Ridge project would see improved traffic compared to the currently zoned commercial area, citing fewer driving trips for residential homes than commercial buildings. Other resident concerns included amenities or lack thereof. Councilman Chris Condie asked, “I am concerned about the amenities, can you elaborate on those?” Mackay responded by mentioning that Ivory is donating a 40-acre park property in Holbrook Farms, adding a trail system to the Jonsson Mink Farm project and building a sports court in Ivory Ridge with pickleball and basketball hoops.

The townhomes in the Jonsson Mink Farm project will be priced around $300,000. The additional townhomes being added to Ivory Ridge will be a new product for Lehi-three stories with a rooftop deck, similar to units seen South Jordan’s Daybreak community. The Ivory Ridge townhomes will be priced in the range of $350,000 to $450,000.


The Council unanimously approved the Ivory proposal.

Other agenda items included:

Resolution #2019-82, regarding an agreement between Lehi City and Curtis Miner Architecture for the Facilities Master Plan update. The City has ordered a review of current and future needs for City buildings. Cost $60,000. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval of the Cold Springs MD2, a 192-unit residential development located at Old Ranch Road and Cold Springs Drive. Petitioned by DR Horton. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval for the Cold Springs Ranch MD3, a 63-unit residential development located at Cold Springs Drive and Canvasback Drive. Petitioned by DR Horton. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Ordinance #80-2019, a General Plan Amendment for the Newman Property, approximately 14.8 acres of property located at approximately 800 North Redwood Road, adding the property to the General Plan as Low-Density Residential and Commercial. Petitioned by Lehi City. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval for the Hidden Canyon Plats C & D, a 163-lot residential development located at approximately 5800 North Fox Canyon Road in a Planned Community zone. Petitioned by Toll Brothers. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Concept approval for the Center Point, a 25-unit residential development located at approximately 1600 East Center Pointe Drive. Petitioned by Patterson Construction. This project is for a townhome community on the new Dry Creek Reservoir and near Smiths Grocery in East Lehi. 3-2 approval with Albrecht and Hancock dissenting.


Consideration of preliminary and final subdivision approval for the Lehi Block, a six-lot commercial subdivision located at approximately 2300 North 1200 West. Petitioned by Gardner Company. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of a Condo Conversion approval for the Willow Park Medical Office Building located at 2183 West Main Street. Petitioned by Todd Stone. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Concept plan approval for the Hunting Farms, an 8-lot residential subdivision located at 143 South 1100 West in an R-1-Flex zone. Petitioned by Adam Albrecht. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Final Subdivision approval for the Exchange 20, a 37-unit residential development located at approximately 3950 West 1550 North. Petitioned by Edge Homes. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Ordinance #86-2019, a General Plan Amendment for the KidConnect, on .10 acres of property located at 3118 North 1200 West, changing the land use from Very Low Density Residential to Neighborhood Commercial. Petitioned by George Bori. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Resolution #2019-77, approving a real estate purchase agreement between Lehi City and Brian Brown. Petitioned by Lehi City. This transaction is for the City to sell 19 feet behind the old Porter's Place for the new building's parking. Lehi City is selling the land for $30,077. Unanimously approved.

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