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City Council Denies Ivory Homes request, questions Baum advertising deal



The Lehi City Council met on Tuesday, August 27th for nearly five hours with all Council members present. The meeting agenda included a proposal for a potential marina at Utah Lake, new housing projects throughout the growing City, and concerns about an advertising contract with a local firm to raise money for parks.

The City Council denied Ivory Homes’ request to remove 5.47 acres from the Thanksgiving Point Resort Area Plan and add that acreage to an Ivory Holbrook Farms residential project. The goal of the rezoning request was to allow Ivory to build a residential neighborhood on the property.

The Thanksgiving Point Area Plan resort zoning only allows 10% of the community to be residential, and Stack development owns the remaining residential opportunity rights. The proposal came with strong opposition from Thanksgiving Point neighbors. Resident Jared Asbury said, “These developers get up and you are familiar with them and like them, then I get up and I think you hate me every time I come.” 

Public Comment about the proposed request included concerns for not following the general plan, the residential cap, the lack of open space, as well as the frustration that residents’ concerns were not being heard. Councilmember Paul Hancock passionately refuted the claim, “We’ve attended meetings with you, I attended one two years ago and the respect has to go both ways. All you wanted to do was complain and didn't want to come with solutions.” Councilmember Chris Condie motioned to deny the resolution with unanimous support from the remaining Councilmembers.

In the Pre-Council session, Saratoga Springs Mayor, Jim Miller, and City Administrator, Mark Christensen presented an opportunity for a co-city marina project on Utah Lake. “The sky’s the limit,” said Christensen after his opening comment to the Council. The 20-acre parcel has been planned to include parking, recreational rental facilities, campgrounds, and boat launches. “We got Wally World,” said Christensen when describing the architect's plan that includes an 18-hole miniature golf course. The goal for the proposed marina is to ultimately be a regional facility for Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and the neighboring communities which will allow for the opportunity to receive Utah State grant funding to pay for the facility. “If ok with the Council, we will continue to discuss this and see how it develops,” concluded Mayor Mark Johnson.

Lehi City has been in the process of updating the General Plan and received an update from the Planning Department. The presentation included survey results that concluded that transit-oriented developments and parks with open space were the top two priorities for Lehi residents. The Council was also presented three different models that show where “areas of change” would see the highest concentration of resident and job growth. The General Plan update will continue with more public input and open house opportunities. The current General Plan is over eight years old.

Marlin Eldred, Economic Development Director for Lehi City, presented the request for proposal (RFP) results for an advertising contract that would raise revenue for city parks and infrastructure. The RFP received two bids from Reagan Outdoor Advertising and Baum Advertising, with Baum Advertising winning the bid. The Council expressed many concerns about the contract and its scope regarding exclusivity, non-performance, and rates. “Say for instance, like the rodeo has people who advertise for it, does that money have to go through this (contract) and does he get part of that?” queried Councilmember Mike Southwick. Councilmember Johnny Revill shared the same concern, “What about the advertising for Miss Lehi and the Library Gala, are we going to have to cut a check for 25%?” 


After this discussion, Jason Walker, Lehi City Administrator directed Eldred to continue working on the contract by saying “It would be easier to draw a box around what’s included than to contemplate what is not.”

Other agenda items included:

Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval for Z-act, a 10-lot residential development located at 1385 West 700 S in an approved R-1-2 zone. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval for the Taylor Cove, an 11-lot residential development located at approximately 825 West 1250 South in an approved R-1-15 zone.

Consideration of Ordinance #61-2019, a development code amendment to include a new use in Table 05.030.B including regulations for Hobby Garages. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Final Subdivision approval for the Trinnaman Farms, a 35-lot subdivision located at 1325 North Trinnaman Lane in an R-1-Flex zone. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Ordinance #62-2019, a development code amendment to Chapter 26 to change the minimum lot size requirement for an accessory dwelling unit. Unanimously denied.

Consideration of Final Subdivision approval for the Colledge Farms Plat C, a 30-lot residential development located at approximately 1100 North 2700 West in an approved R-1-22 zone. Unanimously approved.


Consideration of Ordinance #58-2019, the Jones Legacy Estates Annexation, on 1.42 acres of property located at 1330 East 600 North with proposed RA-a zoning. Unanimously approved.

Consideration of Concept Plan approval for the Jones Legacy Estates, a 2-lot residential development located at 1330 East 600 North. Unanimously approved.

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