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New pedestrian bridge installed over the Jordan River



The main structure of a new pedestrian bridge was placed over the Jordan River. This bridge will allow residents of the soon-to-be developed Cold Springs Ranch project to cross the river and access the trail. “We are excited that we are going to have another bridge over the Jordan River soon. The bridge will allow pedestrian and bike access to Willow Park and the Jordan River trail system,” said Kim Struthers, Lehi City Director of Planning and Community Development. The bridge crosses the river near Mile 4 of the Jordan River Trail.

“The masterplan for this project included the building of the bridge by the developers. When completed, the bridge will then be given to Lehi City who will own it and maintain it,” said Struthers. “We are not exactly sure when the bridge will be finished and open to pedestrian and bike use,” he said. Over the next few months, workers will be completing the installation of the bridge, re-grading the land around the bridge and connecting the bridge pathway to the trail.

Cold Springs Ranch, a 1,300 unit housing development, is around 300 acres and located about 3600 West and 500 North. The project, which will include townhouses, cottages and larger homes, will be built along the Jordan River and go west to Redwood road. Roads and sewers are going in and construction has begun in the first phase of the development.

In addition to homes, there will also be a commercial area developed along Redwood Road. Approximately 60 acres of the 300-acre development will be designated open land and wetlands along the Jordan River. This will include a park and picnic areas with barbecue pits. Forty-nine of those 60 acres will be designated public land, and according to Struthers, 11 of the acres will be private land to be used to build a pool, clubhouse, and playgrounds for the residents of Cold Springs Ranch. An elementary school is also planned to be built in the area, said Struthers.

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