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Dry Creek Reservoir progress discussed by Lehi City Council



UDOT shares I-15 construction progress; overnight closures start Sunday

City Council members, Paige Albrecht, Chris Condie, Mike Southwick, and Mayor Mark Johnson met in City Council chambers on April 9, to discuss, approve or deny 15 agenda items. Johnny Revill and Paul Hancock were excused.

During Pre-Council and regular City Council meeting, the Dry Creek Reservoir project progress was discussed. Lorin Powell, Lehi City Head Engineer, reported that an agreement had been reached with Highland City. He stated, “The agreement really includes three projects: Dry Creek Lake, the trail system, and improvement of the 1200 East roadway. $400,000 is needed to continue with the project. We need to have some flexibility as we negotiate agreements.”

Lehi citizen Chris Bowerbank spoke regarding the necessity of working out details of jurisdiction for police and fire support when the reservoir is operational.

UDOT representative, Craig Hancock, gave City Council members an update on the I-15 Tech corridor project. “We have completed a year’s worth of work with the completion of Triumph Bridge in November. For this year, we plan to replace a lot of pavement on I-15 with cement. We feel good about the movement of traffic in the construction zone.”

The UDOT project slated for this year will be the SR 92 Interchange. “We will begin underneath and then continue until the project is finished,” said Hancock. The 2100 N. Interchange will be built next along with the State Street bridge. “Overnight closures on this project will begin April 14 and continue for two weeks. This project should be done by the end of the year,” continued Hancock. “The Lehi Main Street Interchange will have the deck replaced with concrete. There will be nightly lane closures as needed. The 300 West bridge construction will begin April 22. There will be a full closure of this intersection for several months. “The road will be lowered, and reconstruction of the bridge completed,” said Hancock.

For information about these projects call: 844-401-8324 (Tech) or online at [email protected]


Kim Struthers, Director of City Development, discussed a new state provision to protect agricultural areas in municipalities. The new law prohibits agricultural properties from being taken by eminent domain or subject to litigation. Four areas in Lehi had been designated as agriculturally protected areas. These properties cannot be re-zoned if they are in a protected zone. Two of the properties have already been developed and only two remain protected. If no action is taken these two properties, they will continue to be protected for 20 years. One of the properties has been purchased by Alpine School District for a future high school building site.

During regular City Council meeting the following items were all unanimously approved:

  1. Consideration of resolution adopting a tentative budget for Lehi City for Fiscal Year 2020.
  2. A public hearing for the Sales Tax Revenue Bond
  3. Resolution authorizing Lehi City to access and/or transact with Public Treasurers Investment Fund Accounts. (this is a state investment pool that allows cities to invest funds to get a better interest rate.)
  4. Consideration of a grading permit for Harmony Townhomes located at 700 North 3750 West in an existing planned community zone. (Austin Mansfield requested the permit to remove 400-500 loads of material.) (Arive Homes petitioner)
  5. Consideration of final approval for Jay’s Place, a 26-lot residential development located at 3121 West Main Street in an existing RA-1 zone. (T-Squared Development petitioner.)
  6. Consideration of an intent to annex the Fort Knox Storage Annexation #3, approximately 2.64 acres of property located at 2400 North 1200 West in a proposed TH-5 zone. (Brian Gabler-petitioner)
  7. Consideration of Ordinance, a zone change on .66 acres of property located at 635 West State Street changing the zoning from Mixed Use and RA-1 to Commercial. (Ed Thomas petitioner)
  8. Consideration of Final approval for the Meadow Pointe, a 4-lot commercial development located at 2300 North Ashton Blvd in a Commercial zone. (Kimley-Horne petitioners) (Holiday Oil and a Land Rover Dealership are two tenants of the development.)
  9. Final Subdivision approval for the Aberle Acres, a 6-lot residential development located at 570 South 300 East in an R-1 Flex zone. (Jeff Jeppson, petitioner)

Lehi City Financial Department also received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. Shea Rutenbeek was given this award for being the lead on this project. Lehi City Council members unanimously adopted a tentative budget for the 2020 fiscal year. The final budget will be adopted sometime in May or June. Dean Lundell, Lehi City Financial Director, explained that in adopting the tentative budget the Council will also adopt a series of Guiding Principles associated with establishing financial policy.