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Coup to launch text-messaging coupon business



Instead of searching through a newspaper, email, or mailers for a coupons or deals, starting next week it will be as easy as simply texting the word “pizza” on your cell phone to receive four different pizza coupon or deals from restaurants in the area; all thanks to a new Lehi company called Coup.

Coup is launching its text-messaging based company on September 1, giving consumers along the Wasatch Front an easier time finding great deals from local and national businesses, all over simple text messages.

“We partner with local and national businesses of all sizes to offer deals and coupons to our customers,” said Justin Clegg, Coup Founder and Head of Product Development.  “We co-market with businesses to get deals to the consumer easier.” And it is all free to the consumer.

Currently, Coup has over 600 businesses signed up in the Wasatch front area to offer deals through the Coup platform. “We have about 15,000 people on our waiting list ready for us to launch so they can start texting to get deals,” said Clegg.

After Coup customers text a key word on their phone like “sandwich”, they receive a message with four different coupons or deals. | Courtesy Coupup

“Consumers are spending up to two hours a week searching for local deals across websites, apps or in envelopes,” explains Coup co-founder, Doug Hicken. “With Coup, you no longer need to download 20 different mobile apps or carry around paper coupons with you. Everything is consolidated into one contact number that you can easily access on the go, wherever you are, with a text message. Users simply text us the kind of deal they’re looking for – pizza, tacos, or even clothing – and our software will instantly text back deals that are guaranteed to work at local businesses.”

“Unlike some coupons or deals one might find online, in an app or in the newspaper, our Coup deals are live and will always be current and valid and our service will always be free to our customers,” said Clegg. “There is nothing more frustrating than finding out a coupon has expired or not valid or has some stipulation attached to it.”

In the United States today, deals are big business. Last year, 15 billion coupons were issued but only three billion were redeemed. Ninety-seven percent of consumers say they look for a deal when they shop. “When talking to local business owners, we found some common frustrations. Most businesses have tried any and every marketing service available to them to get new customers in the door. With Coup, businesses can create and customize a deal that is live on our platform in seconds. This allows thousands of consumers to discover and instantly redeem the offer in a really easy way,” said Clegg. “Business owners know their business better than we do, so we’re building the tools to help businesses bring customers in the door who are proactively looking for a deal, on their own terms.”

While Coup will only serve the Wasatch front during its initial launch, the team plans to expand the service to additional cities throughout the United States soon.


Coup is free to use for consumers. Get more information or to sign up go to

For interested businesses, Coup’s deal platform plans start at $49 per month. If you’re an interested business owner, you can visit to learn more or email [email protected]