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Opinion: Mayor Johnson addresses transportation challenges



Transportation Planning Requires Our Immediate Attention

A couple of weeks ago I sat in an engineering conference room for two hours and listened intently as two transportation engineers reported where the next major traffic concerns were going to develop. The information wasn’t new, but it was now coming from engineers I am very familiar with and have a great deal of confidence in their expertise. I had seen very similar reports from engineers working for our regional planning organization MAG, UDOT and the “Point of the Mountain Commission” where I now serve on the board. Simply put, more growth is coming to Utah County and it will have a major impact on our transportation system.

It would be very unwise to ignore or push back on the population projections. Actual numbers are exceeding previous projections. Unfortunately, our city is situated in a manner that will require us to carry much of the weight of future traffic pressures. Traffic from south and west of us will continue to use the road network that passes through Lehi for their transportation needs.

It is anticipated by the year 2060 that the Lehi City population will exceed 133,000 with Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain exceeding 134,000 and 152,000 respectively.

Growth is difficult to manage but with the right effort, we can plan for it effectively. Quality of life and the environment are key considerations in sustainable planning. Traffic numbers are calculated, and the transportation networks are modeled to investigate viable solutions and I am convinced that the most effective mobility plans are now starting to appear.

A necessary component of our Lehi transportation plan will be additional east-west corridors. They will serve to alleviate “Choke Points” identified by our planners which have already begun to burden our system. Many are experiencing these traffic failures that now exist because of the lack of effective connectivity. I realize as these are proposed that there will be concern from residents. We continue to investigate any available options.

The City Council and I will continue to insist that these new options be investigated thoroughly and if viable, be designed with a minimum undesirable impact.


We welcome suggestions in providing effective solutions that will make our transportation system sustainable into the future.

Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) has provided a map illustrating projected traffic numbers and the areas of concern. (See map/graphic)


Mayor Mark Johnson