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Planning Commission discusses Lehi’s first TOD (Transportation Oriented Development)



On March 22, the Lehi Planning Commission met to discuss, approve, table, or deny eleven agenda items. The nearly four- hour meeting was well attended by citizens concerned about new development in their neighborhoods.

The development that generated the most discussion was the request by Rimrock Construction to create Lehi’s first transportation- oriented development (TOD). The high density residential and commercial development would be located at approximately 1350 East 200 South in a commercial zone.

Mark Hampton expressed enthusiasm for the project saying, “This is a high -class development.” “It is being proposed for three reasons,” stated a representative for Rimrock, “Density, design and diversity. The development is centered around transportation systems. The high density residential part of the plan encourages citizens to use mass transit.”  The plan calls for 246 offices, 355 apartment units surrounded by amenities: retail, restaurant, public plaza, and a club house.

“There are several such developments around the state including South Jordan, Farmington, Holiday, and Clearfield,” said Jory Walker, architect for the development. “There will be a round- about to calm traffic, paved walkways, and tucked under parking. The design is timeless.”

Lehi City Planning Commissioners expressed many concerns about the development. Commissioner Abram Nielsen cautioned, “This is still auto-centric. It is not planned to be pedestrian friendly. There are long apartment buildings to walk around. I don’t see a lot of retail or amenities suggested in the narrative. I don’t see a lot of high-quality spaces. Where is the diversity?”

Commissioners Jared Peterson and Heather Seegmiller expressed concern about the lack of green space. Seegmiller said, “Not enough green space, no playing fields, or playgrounds.” Hampton responded, “Residents will play sports inside buildings with electronic amenities. Free passes for mass transit to go other places will be provided.”

The commissioners voted to table the request for further review.


Other items discussed by the planning commission were:

  • SRS Architects’ request for approval of the Lehi Botanical Point Lot 5 concept, a 1.8-acre commercial development located at 1250 West Sandalwood Drive in a commercial zone. (Unanimous approval)
  • Public hearing and recommendation of Jennifer Nelson’s request for review of the Nelson zone change, .93-acre of property located at 155 East 2200 North changing the zoning from A-1 (agricultural) to RA-1 (residential/agricultural). The commission previously denied this request. Nelson said with the new development around her home with ½ acre lots the new zoning would make it appropriate to subdivide her lot. Several neighbors complained. One neighbor, Diane Dolahite read from a petition signed by all neighbors opposing the approval of the subdividing of the lot. One neighbor said, “I don’t know how another house can be built on the lot.” Another expressed concern that property values would be decreased. Commissioners voted to deny approval of the request.
  • Public hearing and recommendation of Alta Vista Homes’ request for review of the Sunset Fields preliminary subdivision, a 15-lot residential development located at approximately 700 South Center in an R-1-Flex (residential)zone. Del Willes expressed concern about water displacement. “I hope the city has given thought to water line that travels under tracks. This may change the infrastructure with waterways.” The Commission unanimously approved the request.
  • Public Hearing and consideration of Elizabeth Cole’s request for approval of the Dry Creek Business Park concept plan located at approximately 1700 West 3200 North in a Business Park zone. (This is a change from the original plan, all office buildings to office/warehouse.) The commissioners were not happy with the new plan. Nielsen said, “Too many walls, too much in too little space.” Several neighbors had concerns about increased traffic. Stan Jensen said, “Even with enhanced landscaping I am nervous about the whole scenario. The commissions voted to approve with conditions.” Commissioner Peterson said, “Our findings are we are not happy with current plan, but it conforms with zoning.”
  • Public hearing and recommendation of Cole Peck’s request for review of the Peck Park Development preliminary subdivision located at approximately 700 East 2100 North in an R-1-15 (residential) zone. Jeannette Keate, a neighbor, asked to be kept apprised of The commissioners unanimously approved the request.
  • Public hearing and consideration of Garth Lovell’s request for approval of a revision to the QuenchIt site plan and conditional use, a .43-acre commercial development located at 611 North 400 East in a Mixed- Use zone. (This project has been before the commission several times.) Several comments were made about the traffic being pushed into an adjoining neighborhood. Commissioner Seegmiller said, “I don’t like the tightness of the turn-a-round.” An issue with the project was UDOT’s denial of an access off State Street. Commissioners approved the request with a vote of 6 yeas and 1 nay.
  • Public hearing and recommendation of Edge Homes request for review of the North Pointe Village preliminary subdivision and conditional use (to allow an exception to the Design Standards) for a 198 -unit (PUD) Planned Unit Development located at approximately 3600 West Waterbury Drive in an existing R-3 (High Density Residential) zone. The commissioners were not happy allowing several exceptions to the design standards. They approved the request with a vote of 5 yeas and 2 nays.
  • Public hearing and recommendation of Lehi City’s request for an amendment of Bulk and Intensity standard for the new Heavy Commercial zone. Unanimous approval of this request was granted.

Recommendation of Lehi City’s request for a Development Code amendment to Chapter 21 and 39 amending the regulations for food trucks. (This item was tabled from a previous meeting). This amendment received unanimous approval.