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“Meet the principal” night for new elementary school



A new elementary school in north Lehi will be opening this fall and will take in students from Traverse Mountain Elementary School and Fox Hollow Elementary School. On Thursday, February 1, parents of children who will be attending the new school had the opportunity to meet the newly appointed principal, Sandra Akagi, and discuss plans for a successful transition.

Mrs. Akagi has served in Alpine School District for the past 20 years, most recently as the Director of Curriculum focused on mathematics and literacy curriculum and instruction. Prior to her work in the district office, she was the principal of Fox Hollow Elementary School for four years. Mrs. Akagi will be working with existing principals in the feeder schools and will begin the process of hiring teachers and staff over the coming months. Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is projected to be just over 800 students. Construction of the building is on track and set to be completed near the end of June. The building will have a covered entryway and look similar to Traverse Mountain Elementary School. It will even have a kiln in the art room. School leadership has applied for French dual immersion classes. At the time of this meeting, it was unknown if approval would be granted.

Parents who attended the meeting were asked to form a Naming Committee and Nominating Committee for the PTA. Each committee will be comprised of equal representation of parents from both feeder schools. The Naming Committee will be in charge of selecting three names to send to the school board. The Naming Committee will also submit three choices for a mascot and three choices for the school color. The school board will ultimately decide the name, mascot, and color choices provided by the committee. As part of the Nominating Committee, parents were asked to either submit their names for the new school’s executive PTA board, or to join in finding and nominating parents that are willing and able to fill these important roles.

Kindergarten students who will attend the new school must register on the appropriate date at the feeder schools they are currently set to attend.