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City Council unanimously approves Traverse Mountain West Canyon Concept Plan



Lehi City Council met June 27, 2017 in City Council chambers to discuss and approve sixteen agenda items. Councilman Chris Condie was excused, all other councilmembers were present. Mayor Bert Wilson conducted the meeting.

During the regular meeting of the city council, the controversial Traverse Mountain West Canyon concept plan was unanimously approved with no discussion. The motion was made by city council member, Paul Hancock, a resident of Traverse Mountain. The motion contained half a dozen conditions that will have to be met. There will be mitigation measures taken to ensure that the materials produced by the grading will be environmentally safe. High density development will be moved to an area just above SR 92. A school and church site will be provided. The time-line for the project has been reduced from five years to three years. All council members voted to approve the concept plan. Residents of Traverse Mountain were noticeably absent in the audience. Ongoing discussion with residents resulted in, what can be assumed, a reluctant acceptance of the revised plan.

In pre-council meeting the council members were introduced to three new members of the police department by Chief of Police, Darren Paul.

Mayor Wilson praised the work of the police department, fire department and events directors for the success of the Round-up Days celebration.

County Commissioner, Bill Lee presented to the Council the Utah County Resource Development plan (RMP). Utah State Legislature requires all counties to address environmental resources on federal public lands within a county. This plan is being presented to all city councils in Utah County. In Utah County 42 percent of land is private, 40 percent is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) or USFS (United States Forest Service), 14 percent is various state land and 3 percent is wilderness. (See Graphic) The 129- page document was distributed to the city council members.

Mayor Wilson reviewed the agenda with the city council members. A presentation was made concerning policy changes to the Lehi City Employee Manual. Most of the changes concerned vacation time and comp time policies. City administrator, Jason Walker, explained the resolution to adopt the certified tax rate for the Lehi City for fiscal year 2018. It was noted by Walker, “Property tax rates will go down slightly because of the growth in our area. The county adjusts the tax rate according to growth rates. The amount the city receives is always about the same.”

The Mayor turned time to Fire Chief, Jeremy Craft to explain the Cooperative Agreement between the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Lehi City. The agreement costs the city $30,000 per year, but allows the city to call upon county, state, and federal agencies to fight wild fires. This could save hundreds of thousands of dollars if a fire were to rage in Lehi. The state would pick up the bill for the fire fighting with this agreement and resources could be called upon almost immediately. “This is a great insurance policy,” stated Craft.


During public input, councilman Johnny Revill presented his daughter’s Shelby’s community service project to urge citizens to participate in a Red Cross Blood Drive.

The following agenda items were unanimously approved:

  1. Thomas and Holly Bullock Annexation, approximately 2 acres of property located at 550 West 2100 N. with proposed R-1-12 zoning. (Petitioner: Thomas Bullock)
  2. Resolution of intent to annex the Laney Annexation, approximately 7.2 acres of property located at approximately 900 N. 1580 E. with a proposed R-1-15 zoning. (Petitioner: Cedar Hollow, Inc.)
  3. Consideration of Preliminary and Final Subdivision approval of the Estates at Lehi Ranches, a 10-lot residential development located at approximately Pioneer Crossing and Center Street in an R-1-22 zone. (Petitioner: Boyer Company)
  4. Consideration of zone change on approximately 9.76 acres of property located at 1250 West 700 South from TH-5 to R-1-22. (R-5 Development)
  5. Consideration of Concept plan approval of Eddington Estates, a 16-lot residential development located at 1250 West 700 South in a proposed R-1-22 zone. (Petitioner: R-5 Development)
  6. Consideration of Preliminary Subdivision approval of Bronson’s Corner, a 20-lot residential subdivision located at 600 East 3200 North in an RA-1 zone. (Alan Prince)
  7. Consideration of a Plat Amendment for Lehi Spectrum on Lehi Botanical Point Lot 1 located at 1501 West Slipstream Ave. (Petitioner: Brian Davis)
  8. Consideration of Resolution approving bids and authorizing contracts for the demolition and reconstruction of the Lehi Pool Slide Tower located in the Lehi Legacy Center. (Petitioner: Lehi City) (Patrons will be able to use the American Fork City Pool during the week the slide is being rebuilt.)
  9. Consideration of Ordinance approving the vacation of the Meadow Pointe Commercial Subdivision play. (Petitioner: Lehi and Garff Properties.)

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