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Mayor Wilson presents 2017-18 proposed budget to City Council



Tuesday, April 11, the Lehi City Council discussed Mayor Wilson’s tentative budget. The mayor addressed many growth issues in the $48,297,357.00 requested expenditures that have been identified by the mayor and his staff. Highlights of the tentative budget are below:

With public safety a major focus in the budget, the fire and police departments will see an increase in funds both in personnel and equipment. New fire station 83 will be staffed with fifteen additional firefighters bringing the total in the city to 66. The new station will also need firefighting equipment. The budget for the fire department will increase 13% from 2016.

The police department is requesting three additional members of the police staff. This represents an 8% increase in budget over last year. A salary of a new police officer is $88,918 plus benefits. This would bring the total number of police officers to 59.

The power department increase in budget is 8% over last year. The city is planning on constructing a new power generating facility to help increase power supply in critical times during the year.

The pressurized water (PI System) budget for the coming year is up 140% with the metering initiative that has been recommended by the PI staff. There are also additional monies budgeted for the Dry Creek Reservoir and infrastructure needs in the west part of town.

The culinary water system is up 13% with the purchase of new water from CWP (Central Water Project). The purchase price is $1.4 million.

Administration requested two additional staff members as did the streets department. The sewer department requested four new hires. The planning department increased salaries of staff by 6%. One more staff member is being requested by the Senior Citizens department with an increase in budget of 19 % over last year.


Major capital projects for the upcoming two years will be a $12 million road improvement from Main Street, 2300 W. to the Lehi City boundary with Saratoga Springs. A $2.2 million road improvement from Center Street and SR 92. A $3.1 million price for a pressurized water system metering project. Road improvements for 1200 W. or 700 S. will cost $6.5 million. There will also be major road improvements in Traverse Mountain and Thanksgiving Point.

A revenue bond will be proposed to help pay for the mounting infrastructure needed due to growth for both culinary water and pressure irrigation. There is no anticipated increase in fees to service the debt associated with this bond.

Mayor Wilson’s tentative 2017-2018 budget was unanimously approved in the Tuesday, April 11 city council meeting. Council member Condie reminded the audience that this was just one step in the approval process. “There will be a public input session regarding the budget in the May 8th city council meeting and the final approval will be made in the May 22 meeting,” stated Condie. All Lehi citizens were encouraged to go to the City website and see the details of the budget.

Details of the budget can be found on the city website.

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