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LHS Welcomes Holidays with Student Festivities



Lehi High School is welcoming the Christmas season with fun activities planned for students to participate in and feel holiday spirit. Several different clubs planned events and so far, all have been a success.

The first Christmas activity Lehi hosted was the first-ever Christmas senior class activity. All seniors who attend Lehi High School were invited to come and play bingo, sled down the ramp in the commons area, and watch a movie in the Auditorium on Thursday, December 15. With gift cards to Amazon, Olive Garden, and Smashburger as the prizes, bingo was a game the seniors really got excited about. The night was filled with fun and food, ending with students watching Christmas classic movie, “Elf” in the school auditorium.

The next holiday activity to occur was the Annual Jazz Bear Shopping hosted by the Skyridge High School Sports Marketing Team, held on Saturday, December 17. As tradition, the money raised from the annual Mascot Bowl is used to buy presents for kids whose families need a little extra help for Christmas. Hundreds of young students were picked up from every Elementary school in Lehi.

Skyridge invited Lehi students to sign up and participate in Jazz Bear Shopping to unite Lehi City this holiday season. Each Elementary student was paired with a group of high school students who helped them in picking their gifts and provided a fun experience for all.

Walmart in Saratoga Springs hosted the shopping and lined their employees up for a standing ovation as the students walked in. The group had one hour to pick presents. Once the shopping was finished, the students wrapped their gifts and were driven back to their schools. This has always been a holiday favorite activity for the students at Lehi.

The last of the Christmas festivities at Lehi was the annual, “Grinch,” concert put on by LHS Dance Company on Monday, December 19, at 6 p.m. in the LHS Auditorium. Every year the group choreographs a dance to, “The Grinch,” and invites all community members to attend. This event proves to be a holiday favorite as year after year the auditorium is full of parents and friends showing their support for LHS.