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Christmas Lights Brighten Spirits



As the days shorten and the nights seem even darker than at other times of year, the glow of Christmas lights is a welcome sight. Many families in Lehi go the extra mile in creating beautiful Christmas light displays to delight neighbors and passersby.

One of those who enjoy creating light displays is Mike Willes who lives on 700 South around 200 East. Although 700 South used to be a busy thoroughfare in Lehi, it is now a dead end street on the East end due to the addition of Pioneer Crossing. Many people know of Willes’ display and make a special trip to see his lights.

This year he has been approached by a local woman whose husband is currently deployed in the Middle East. He won’t be home for Christmas, his favorite time of the year. She asked Willes to keep his lights up for a few extra weeks so that her husband will be able to see them when he returns in January. Of course the lights will be up.

Although Christmas is a happy time of year for many, it can also be difficult. The short days can bring feelings of sadness and depression, but we at the Touriddu hope that these photos of local light displays will bring some Christmas joy into your season and that you might be encouraged to go for a drive to enjoy them in person.

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