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City Council Meeting Draws Crowd from Pointe Meadows



In an emotional public input session during city council meeting June, 14th, Bill Hereth, president of the HOA for Pointe Meadows development, read a prepared statement criticizing the city council for the process in which they chose Pointe Meadow for a soon to be built skate park.

His statement was laced with words like “toxic” and “distrust.” Hereth stated reasons for opposition to the skate park include, “it does not fit the demographics of the neighborhood,” increased traffic problems in an already traffic weary neighborhood, security problems, and the majority of the residents are opposed to the skate park.”

The citizens were most opposed to the selection process saying there had been no notification of the proposal until they had read about it in the Touriddu and felt that a “courtesy notification” should have been given. Councilman Condie responded, “This is a city park, not just for the citizens in the vicinity.” Councilman Hancock defended the location of the skate park. Lehi City held an open house to meet with citizens in the proposed Pointe Meadows location on Thursday, June 16 (see related story).