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April 26 Lehi City Council Overview



The Lehi City Council convened in City Hall on April 26 to a packed house. First on the agenda was an acknowledgement of five area Eagle Scouts. Mayor Bert Wilson presented the young men with certificates and allowed each of them a few minutes to share their Eagle projects.

Two young men from Willowcreek Middle School gave short speeches about the need for sidewalks in West Lehi near Willowcreek Middle School. They mentioned the trash along the road and the mud during rainy weather as deterrents to walking to school for area youth. Also mentioned was the possibility of traffic/pedestrian accidents. Mayor Wilson promised the city would look into adding sidewalks in this area.

During the public comment portion of the meeting various citizens spoke on the following topics:

Public Input

  • A concerned citizen spoke against the now approved LDS meeting house at Thanksgiving Point, citing code violations from the proposed plan.
  • Lars and Debbie Rasmussen, a Lehi couple, expressed concern about scheduling of sports activities by Lehi City on Monday nights in a predominantly LDS community who observe “family home evening” on Mondays.
  • Several Lehi citizens made passionate pleas for forward movement on the Peck Park issue including: Liz Anderson, Clay Peck, Morgan Hale, Tony Train, and John Frandsen. These speakers brought forth the following opinions:
    • Lehi has a lack of sports facilities and needs Peck Park, especially for baseball and softball.
    • Peck family wants to see forward progress in this matter, not litigation
    • Potential traffic issues have been addressed by traffic studies or a new road in Peck Park
    • The Park would be an economic boon to the city because of meals, hotel stays, etc. from visitors to Peck Park
    • Begged for “bringing the city together” on this matter

Portion of “Cabela’s Boulevard” Name Change

Representatives from Entrata, a Lehi-based property management software developer petitioned to re-open a petition to change a portion of Cabela’s Boulevard above the retail concern to “Chapel Ridge Road.” This petition spurred a lively discussion from council members. Jared Hunsaker, chief legal counsel for Entrata led the plea from Entrata, citing brand and customer confusion. Hunsaker said Entrata clients and customers are sometimes confused and think their firm may have a formal affiliation with Cabela’s because the company’s address is on “Cabela’s Boulevard.” No one from Cabela’s was represented at the council meeting. Entrata representatives stressed that they harbor no ill will towards Cabela’s. The issue was tabled for further study.

All other agenda items were approved with the exception of the road re-naming mentioned above. One other agenda item was a citizen’s concern about the dust and gravel created by the heavy equipment being used to update the city’s pressurized irrigation. Alternatives were discussed by city officials and staff.