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“Get Outside!”



“Get outside!”...this was the message I received from my mom over 50 years ago and I have been outside ever since. As long as I can remember I have had a passion for the outdoors and all outdoor activities. Growing up in Lehi, Utah in the 60’s provided endless opportunities to hunt, fish, hike and explore. I took full advantage of all rural Lehi had to offer and found great adventure in places like the “Mill Pond,”  “the Pumps,” “Low Hills” and my favorite, up the “Crick.”

Obviously, the Lehi I grew up in is a faded but pleasant memory, but I still find great pleasure in outdoor recreation. Nowadays you just have to travel a little bit to find what used to be readily available nearby. My intent in writing these words is to help anyone interested in finding their own outdoor adventures.


Dalton and Wade Brems show off their lunker caught recently in Strawberry Reservoir.

Dalton and Wade Brems show off their lunker caught recently in Strawberry Reservoir.

Let’s start with Fishing. This time of year is a great time to get out and wet a line. Ice off angling in nearby lakes and reservoirs can be the best of the year. Places like Deer Creek, Jordanelle, and Strawberry provide an excellent chance to catch fish, especially from the shoreline as trout can be found in the shallower areas. Consistent action can be had by casting lures or by bait fishing. My family has had some great fishing at Strawberry this time of year and a lot of fat rainbows can be brought home for the barbecue or the smoker.

Shed Hunting

Jim Fowler finds an impressive elk shed in Utah’s wilderness.

Jim Fowler finds an impressive elk shed in Utah’s wilderness.

Another early spring activity that is becoming extremely popular is that of hunting shed antlers. More and more Utahns have discovered the fun and profitability of combing the foothills and mountains in search of “Bone.” Over the years I had collected a sizable pile of elk, deer, and a few moose antlers. Last year I decided to cash in and called an antler buyer from Cache Valley. He came to my house equipped with scales and a large enclosed trailer. After sorting the antler by grade and species he began to weigh the different piles of antler. I must admit I was quite shocked when he offered a couple thousand dollars for what had just been taking up space in my shed.

Some people just like to collect antlers and have a hard time parting with what they have found even with antler prices at all time high each his own I guess, but I had no trouble accepting a fat paycheck for my pile.

Turkey Hunting

Bo Fowler proudly displays his Tom turkey.

Bo Fowler proudly displays his Tom turkey.

Turkey hunting has become my favorite springtime activity. There’s nothing quite like setting up an ambush, calling in a big “boogerbeak” and whacking him with my bow. Hearing a raucous Tom gobbling in the wilds is an unforgettable experience. Maybe it is because I helped raise domestic turkeys that I have such an affinity for them, I don’t know, maybe it is because a wild turkey can be as smart and difficult to hunt as anything I have hunted before, or it could be that they are delicious to eat. Whatever the reason, I know I will never miss a spring turkey hunt for as long as I can still get out in the woods. Utah has had a general spring turkey hunt for a few years now so there is no excuse for not getting out there and giving it a try.

Well there it is, my recommendations for getting off your duff and getting out there and enjoying a day or two in the woods. As I always say, “The worst day fishing (hunting, hiking, turkey hunting, shed hunting...) is better than the best day at work!”